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uaSIM  “the smarter card..”

uaSIM – Universal Activation and Test SIM. uaSIM is a smart and flexible Universal Activation and Test SIM. There are many cards on the market claiming to be the best by offering features such as being reprogrammable, however we went one step ahead of them by offering the same – but in a simpler way, to keep your job convenient and save your time and effort. Instead of using a card-reader and PC with a special software just to change the MCC/MNC part of the IMSI, uaSIM can do that without you even taking the uaSIM card out of your phone. How is that possible? uaSIM runs on a completely own COS (Card Operating System) the card will ask for pin code entry at phone start-up or card plug-in ( if your phone supports hot-swap ) You can enter any pin combination, ANY 4 digit pin code entry will result in a GSM Testcard IMSI with MCC/MNC “00101”, ANY 5 digit combination or higher will be converted from the COS directly in the corresponding MCC/MNC combination inside the IMSI. That means you can emulate any carriers card, simply like that. Just look up the MCC/MNC of the carier you want to emulate and enter it as pin wysiwyg (what you see is what you get – in this case what you enter is what you get) 😉

It’s the only Activation SIM, that is compatible with all generations of iPhones and iPads. You can use this as a Activation SIM in regular SIM sized phones such as the iPhone3G but you can also use the very same SIM as a Micro SIM for iPhone4. Have a look at the pictures of the uaSIM for reference. There is no need to cut the uaSIM for usage in iPhone4/4Gs or iPad. Because of the dual-cut you could also call it “The Transformer SIM” 😉

uaSIM can be used as an Activation SIM as well as  a Testcard for various brands.

So what are you waiting for – buy one and experience the difference.

1. uaSIM Nano Activation Card without Dongle
Note: We recommend you to buy uaSIM with an update dongle for your future use of the card and all applications based on it.

2. uaSIM Nano Activation Card with Dongle
Note: Dongle or card reader is required to reprogram the uaSIM with new firmwares, mostly by the repair shops to use the various applets

If you are looking to buy bulk or with faster means of shipping or with your choice of payment option, please follow the below link:
DIY Buying uaSIM

uaCredits for uaDongle:

Click below to buy uaCredits for your uaDongle. You can mention the quantity you need after clicking the Pay Now Button. Please make sure you add the correct uaDongle ID in the below field. The uaDongle ID you can get on your uaTool screen.

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