uaSIM “the smarter card..”

uaSIM “the smarter card..”

Hello All,How to use uaSIM “the smarter card..” for activation of your iPhones?

  • Insert your uaSIM inside the SIM slot & power on your iPhone
  • uaSIM  supports  iPhone 2G , 3G , 3Gs,  iPhone 4, 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c (Tested successfully upto 7.0.1).
  • Unlike inferior products uaSIM does NOT need to be programmed using a card-reader and PC.
  • You define the MCC and MNC part of the IMSI trough your pin code entry. If you already know the carrier its locked to and want to activate with this original carrier, insert MCC and MNC code eg:23410 (O2 UK) Simply enter this as your pin code – in this case “23410” when the phone requests you to and confirm. ( Any 4 digit pin code combination will result in the usage of a GSM testcard IMSI with MCC/MNC “00101” )
  • Connect your iPhone by the USB cable to your PC or MAC
  • Launch iTunes (uaSIM supports the latest iTunes versions)
  • iPhone will be activated.

If you don’t know the carrier of your iPhone yet, you can follow the steps below to find out.

  • Go to, Register and login to account, Select iPhone Operator Check service and submit your IMEI
  • You will then get the information for your iPhone as you requested for.
  • Look-up the MCC and MNC of that carrier and enter it as pin code at start-up and activate your iPhone. ( Note that some carriers have multiple MCC/MNC combinations and that you might have to try few )
uaSIM "the smarter card.."
uaSIM “the smarter card..”

Updated: 13.03.2014

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  1. indra says:

    hi. i just purchase uasim. i using for unlocking the iphone 4 with device model MC319LL/A which is an at n t. i already input the mnc of atnt but it still cannot activate the iphone 4.

  2. Jay says:

    I have the same problem with Indra.
    I use uasim with my iPhone4 and try to put mcc/Mnc many time but it’s not work . My iPhone keeps showing sim not valid.. Any idea?

  3. Jay says:

    When I put 00101 it’s the same’ sim not valid’ any prob with my uasim?

  4. Phone says:

    Sir Where are you from i want buy uaSIM and dongle togethe is possible to send by DHL Express or UPS Express? im from Germany thanks

  5. manoj says:

    then my model number is MC603B /A.Can you say that I can activate with uasim.then my IMEI cod is
    01 242600 087021 5 then my cunttry is italy.plz tell me can i activate with uasim. thank you!!!!

  6. Bala says:

    I’ve a 4s (ver 5.1.1) in sri lanka. I inserted the uasim and entered 41305 for airtel lanka, i keep getting a msg saying “insert sim which is unlocked and able to activate”
    Pls help

  7. Alihan says:

    Hey, does it Support ios6, too?

  8. carlos says:

    hello,serves to activate, iphone 4s with ios 6? is ….. (UK operator O2).

  9. TALISMAN_028 says:

    iPhone 5 is not working?

  10. JUAN says:


  11. JUAN says:


  12. Raul enriquez says:

    Hello I have an iPhone 4 on Claro Peru and want to unlock it to Movistar Peru can how can I do that? Please help

  13. JUAN says:

    como libero iphone 4 vercion es de japon operador softbank…quiero usarlo con movistar peru ingreso pin 71606 y sale sin invalida ayuda mi imei es:012543009187621

  14. maxya says:

    I have question
    Does this equipment use only one time? or is there any number of usage (has limited?)?

    Does it work with korean IPhone too?

    After Activation (unlock) by “ua SIM”, would that IPhone update the newst ios version? and does that IPhone work still with unlock activation mode?

    After Activation (unlock) by “us SIM”, Do we use foreign SIM in foreign country?

    If “ua SIM” has suitable firmware, what ios version is it avaliable? or can it be avaliable recently version ios 7 beta?

    If IPhone was block, like IMEI “blacklist” equipment, it can use ordinary phone by ua SIM unlock activation also?

    and do we use foreign SIM in foreign country too?

    • uadmin says:

      Can be used multiple times. works with all iPhones. You can update your phones over iTunes. uaSIM is an activation Card, not an unlocking Sim. For unlocking you can use factory unlocking method or Jailbreak.

  15. ILyas says:

    Hey i was told that it can unlock iphone …then now you are telling that it can only activate not unlock…what the !!!! its not fair

    • uadmin says:


      We no where have mentioned regarding the unlocking, you can contact the reseller who sold you the card as in unlocking card.


  16. meyo says:

    Hi, i would like to know if uasim works in France ? And can I use it for a blacklisted iPhone ?
    Thanks for your answer

  17. george_ciprian85 says:

    hy, i have a iphone 5 blocked on icloud activation, can uasim unblock him ?

  18. george_ciprian85 says:

    and the uasim card most to be activated before first using ? thenk’s. sorry abought my english.

    • uadmin says:


      There is no requirement for any activation prior to first use. In case you have any issue, please contact support via contact us page.


  19. jayr says:

    Does it support Iphone 4S 7.1.2?

  20. Cesar says:

    I have a Iphone 5s thats icloud locked, will this sim card unlock the icloud lock??

  21. tersy says:

    Will it work with iPhone 5s with the IOS of 8 or 9?

  22. Michael says:

    I just purchased Uasim and used it for my IPhone 5 iOS 9.3.1. it actually activated the IPhone but when I put the phone in offline mode and inserted my sim card, it says activation required. It stays in activation page until I remove my sim card.
    please is there anyway to fix this?

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