What is MCC and MNC?

A Mobile Network Code (MNC) is used in combination with a Mobile Country Code (MCC) (also known as a “MCC / MNC tuple”) to uniquely identify a mobile phone operator/carrier using the GSM, CDMA, iDEN, TETRA and UMTS public land mobile networks and some satellite mobile networks. The ITU-T Recommendation E.212 defines mobile country codes. The MCC/MNC is part of the IMSI defining the country and provider – it’s often used to check if a certain card is allowed to be used in a certain mobile, many mobile phone carriers lock their phones so only their cards can be used in the phones they sell together with contracts or in a prepaid bundle. uaSIM can “emulate” any carriers card on this planet, the user is free to define any MCC/MNC combination by the pin code entry at power up. Even combination’s that do not exist (yet) ! Note that uaSIM is for repairs, testing and activation of mobile phones – also uaSIM is not able to log into any carriers network.

You can follow the below wiki link to find any MCC and MNC that you want to use for your uaSIM.
( For some carriers that have multiple MCC/MNC combination’s check if the networks are operational, non operational networks you normally won’t need )

List of all the MCC/MNC across the Globe

In case you still need some help please feel free to use the uaSIM Live support.

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28 Responses to “What is MCC and MNC?”

  1. […] Insert pin code. if activate without know original carrier insert 00101, if know original carrier and want to activate with this original carrier, insert MCC and MNC code […]

  2. this post is very usefull thx!

  3. ghulam nabi says:

    hello sir i have iphone4s
    and its deactive only t-mobile works but when i enter it shows activation
    its imei is here 013033006488445
    please tell me the right sim mcc mnc code thanks

  4. tong says:

    hi, once activate it, can i use multiple sim card?

  5. masse says:

    i have iphone4 imei : 012534000012462, i can t activat it with uasim, which carrier …,help

  6. bala says:

    carrier dialog axiata
    country sri lanka
    00101 didn’t work cos mnc/mcc is 41302 and last two digits unknown

  7. JUAN says:

    como libero iphone 4 vercion 4.3 con ua-sim que pin uso ya intente con 71606 y solo sale sin invalida mi imei es :012543009187621

  8. kelvin says:

    tengo un iphone 5 necesito activarlo, eh comprado la uasim y no me vale pongo lo codigo pin que me pide y nada eh pagado para activarla por paypal y nada necesito una respuesta urgente

  9. saber1969 says:

    uaSIM Serial Number: ********is not activated to use “Online Unlock” Service.

  10. ILyas says:

    Hi sir recently i have bought ua sim from ebay …i have tried to activate my iphone 4 which was locked to Sweden 3 huthison it worked ..the ua sim activated my iphone but the unlocking procedure is not working ..please sir guide me how to unlock my iphone 4 with uasim..i tried all the possible methods that i was told but nothing worked

  11. Pablo says:

    Works for iphone 5? Come with eztool calculator?

  12. patricia says:

    ola tenho um aarelho da softbank japão.
    teria como me informar o codigo do pais?

  13. patricia says:

    ola tenho um aparelho da operadora softbank japão.
    gostaria de saber o codigo para o desbloqueio

  14. manuel says:

    hi purchase the ua sim card it claims to by pass activaccion screen but it does not work can you give me instruccions please

  15. Robert says:

    Uasim can remove icloud activation lock?

  16. Isaac Ayyash says:

    Hello sir I bought five from gsm server I am working on iPhone sprint usa and I need the phones to work with H2O can you please send me the step how to do them to work I tried every thing ,
    Thank you
    Isaac Ayyash

    • uadmin says:

      Hello Isaac,

      uaSIM is an activation sim, along with being a test card. From your text we get a feeling that you trying to unlock a network operator. uaSIM can activate the phone for you by entering the MNC and MCC code combination from the list of various network operator. The link to list is provided on the website. If in case, you are not asking for unlokcing and have some other query, please contact us back if you still not able to use uaSIM.

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